• Nautilus et Turbo
Argo: 9.5 Ride, 8 maneuverability, 8 wave, 8.5 speed, 9.5 stability
Nautilus: 10 Ride, 8 maneuverability, 7 wave, 9 speed, 10 stability
Turbo: 8.5 Ride, 7.5 maneuverability, 7.5 wave, 9.5 speed, 7.5 stability
Odyssea: 8 Ride, 9.5 maneuverability, 10 wave, 7.5 speed, 8.5 stability
Calypso: 8 Ride, 9 maneuverability, 9 wave, 7.5 speed, 8 stability
Evasion: For Aquafitness and Yoga

Thermo twin skin tts ® technology

TTS Schema

COASTO is not launching “just another” SUP brand. After studying all the components and methods of iSUP construction, we have gathered SUP rider’s feedbacks, engineers and technicians and kept only the best; this is the genesis of TTS Technology.

This deep study firstly lead us to the evidence that double layers was the most advanced technology on the market. Boards built with two PVC layers are much stiffer and more durable than entry-lines single layer boards.

However, we have also found many feedbacks denouncing some imperfection of the double layers iSUP which are too heavy and might create some esthetical imperfections such as bubbles or pleats.

COASTO kept the best component – Drop Stitch Density, laminated PVC material - of the top boards tested, but was not convinced by the current two layers technology, so we investigated on how to improve it. Results lead us to the fact that all these imperfections are caused by one factor: gluing the second PVC layer to the single layer iSUP boards.

Included accessories

Hight Pressure Pump

Double-action high pressure pump

SUP pump with ergonomic handle for easy pumping. The pump features a gauge so that you can keep an eye on the pressure in psi or bar as you pump.

iSUP Backpack

Professional iSup backpack

COASTO backpack has been specially designed for adventurers. This compact bag – 95 x 40 x 25cm – has padded handles and extra-compartments to ease your travels. This is the perfect companion to storage all your SUP package and even more: deflated iSUP board, pump, 3 sections paddle and optional leash, swimsuit, towel or even folded dry bag.

Coiled leash

Coiled Leash

The use of a leash is highly recommended; that way you’ll stay attached to your SUP board whatever happens. A coiled leash with an ultra-comfortable neoprene ankle attachment is included in this package.

3 piece Paddle

3-piece paddle

3 Sections adjustable paddle: durable and qualitative thanks to its extra-thick aluminum, this paddle can be dismantled into 3 pieces and easily storage in COASTO backpack. Adjustable from 165 to 215cm with graduations, this paddle beneficiate from professional SUP blade with efficient angle.

Repair kit + Belt

Repaire kit & belt

Other products



Fitness mat: Yoga, Fitness and fun in flat waters

Imagine yourselves working out on your own platform in flat water. COASTO Evasion offers you an inflatable platform for unique working out experience. This brand new trend, launched in France in 2013, allows you to combine different fitness exercices while working on your balance.

You will like its non-slip covering in soft EVA for user comfort, as well as its extra-large width (86cm) that gives its excellent stability, even for complex yoga postures.Thanks to its many rings, Evasions board can interlock with each other and allow multiple configurations or be hold to the edge.

Length 7’4’’ / 225 cm
Width 34’’ / 86cm
thickness 4’75’’ / 12cm
Max load 120 kg

included accessories

mooring kit

Mooring kit

mooring kit

Double action hight pressure pump


Carbon Coast Carbon Fusion
Coiled Leash
Dry Bag