Thermo twin skin tts ® technology

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COASTO is not launching “just another” SUP brand. After studying all the components and methods of iSUP construction, we have gathered SUP rider’s feedbacks, engineers and technicians and kept only the best; this is the genesis of TTS Technology.

This deep study firstly lead us to the evidence that double layers was the most advanced technology on the market. Boards built with two PVC layers are much stiffer and more durable than entry-lines single layer boards.

However, we have also found many feedbacks denouncing some imperfection of the double layers iSUP which are too heavy and might create some esthetical imperfections such as bubbles or pleats.

COASTO kept the best component – Drop Stitch Density, laminated PVC material - of the top boards tested, but was not convinced by the current two layers technology, so we investigated on how to improve it. Results lead us to the fact that all these imperfections are caused by one factor: gluing the second PVC layer to the single layer iSUP boards.

This is how Thermo Twin Skin TTS ® Technology was born :


for the fusion by heating of the layers at the raw material stage

Twin skin

for the two PVC layers used in our SUP boards

Main advantages :


Boards are developed on average surfaces of 2,2 – 2,8 square meters. Important quantity of heavy glue is needed to cover this surface. By removing the glue, boards are 20 to 25% lighter!

High end look

Gluing the two layers can cause some visual imperfections, such as bubbles, pleats or blemishes, when glue is not well spread. Boards built with TTS ® are smoother and have perfect finishes.

More Durable

On long terms, these same imperfections can lead to take offs. Avoiding glue offers a more qualitative board for many years.


Welding the two PVC layers at the raw material stage offer a super-stiff surface that even start to offer great rigidity from 10 PSI. COASTO suggests pumping the board up to 15 PSI and guarantee an extra-stiffness feeling, specially for highvolume boards


Paddle boarding creates an incredible connection between nature and paddlers. Riding a board which uses very limited quantity of glue is also an eco-friendly gesture

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